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Welcome to Lillesqua

I am Danielle Villiers-Smith, the passionate Founder and Creator of Lillesqua!

I pour my heart and soul into designing and creating, always keeping natural and recycled materials in mind. Each piece is crafted thoughtfully and in limited runs to combat overproduction.

Come, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of art and textiles!

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Climate Positive Action

Join us on our Sustainability journey

Natural and Recycled Fibres

Natural fibres that are kinder to your skin and the planet


Inspired by the art of storytelling

mend it mouse 1 finalcmyk.jpg


I had a rather nice tweed jacket that I wanted two patches sewn onto and a slight repair to the breast pocket. At very short notice Lillesqua came to the rescue and did a simply perfect job. Thank you so much.

Linen Bound Notebook


I recently bought a notebook for my wife and she was thrilled with it!

The quality of materials is excellent and the design is fabulous. Makes a great gift as it comes in wonderful packaging too.

Starburst Pouch bag


I was so excited to receive my Starburst pouch. It would have made a perfect gift. It arrived lovingly wrapped, and in plastic free packaging too. It has thick fabric, a sturdy zip, and it's just the right size to keep various bits and pieces together in my gym bag. I have never been so stylishly organised!

Orange Scarf


So excited to have received my Seaweed Sunset Scarf today. It is truly stunning and has far exceeded my expectation. I love it. The packaging was exciting enough by itself. Thank you so much ❤️


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