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Lillesqua was born from the countless yellow post-its and small notes that I scattered around my home and travel notebook, driven by a deep desire to never let a creative idea slip away while juggling the demands of my day job or finding inspiration on our adventures. These humble squares of paper became the very heart and soul of Lillesqua, with its name cleverly paying homage to their essence as little squares.


The Artist

Lillesqua is not just a brand, it is my heart and soul poured into every design. Before Lillesqua, I delved into the world of Jewellery Design and Interior Design, each course fueling my passion for art and creativity. But it wasn't until my maternity leave that the spark of inspiration truly ignited.

The idea of creating designs inspired by tales, folklore, and the beauty of nature consumed me. I envisioned these designs printed on sustainably sourced fabrics and recycled paper fibers, bringing a touch of art and beauty to your everyday life. And not only that, but by supporting Lillesqua, you are also contributing to our reforestation project – planting trees to combat climate change and secure a better future for generations to come.

Every stitch, every print, every creation is a labor of love. Lillesqua is not just a brand, it is a movement towards sustainability, creativity, and a more beautiful world. Join me on this journey, and let's make art a part of your everyday life.

Our Products

Lillesqua scarves are made to be worn with love and care, while being an ode to slow, seasonless style that can be worn in ways that you need it and will travel with you through all your adventures through the years.


Our scarves are printed in the UK in the Vale of Evesham and the fine wool fabric has been sourced from Italy. By ordering from us you are helping move the fashion industry into a slower more sustainable way of working and hopefully creating items to be treasured rather than discarded.

Art Prints are printed on Recycled Paper stock, which are also UV resistant so last longer on your walls and printed in the UK.

Our Zero-waste range using remnant fabrics from local dressmakers and upholsterers that would otherwise not be used and sent to landfill. These creations are mostly one of a kind pieces so no one is exactly the same and we are looking to experiment more with this way of working this year.


Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about my story! To new adventures, I’ll see you there!


With all my love



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