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Reforestation And Sustainability

The Lillesqua Forest

871 Trees Planted  - 25.26 tonnes of carbon reduction
41 Projects funded

Sustainability means an awful lot to us here at Lillesqua, from the choice of fabric to the way it is manufactured.


We wish for our products to be cherished and stay with you for the years to come to be worn in numerous ways allowing for versatility of styling possibilities while also being seasonless.


We won't be bombarding you with a crazy amount of collections a year as we work a bit slower to get you the quality you deserve, we pride ourselves for being a Slow Fashion Brand which values the connections we make with our customers.


Are scarves are 100% Wool meaning the fibres can be recycled when its life as a scarf is over (hopefully not too soon though). Wool also has several other sustainable attributes by being a renewable resource and because its a natural fibre it is biodegradable. The 100% Wool fabric has been sourced from Italy and is digitally printed here in the UK. We chose digital printing because it is friendlier way of dying fabric by having less waste than normally dying processes and using Azo dye free dyes.


Our studio is powered by green energy suppliers and our stickers postcards and Art Prints are made from recycled paper and printed here in the UK. Can you tell we like recycling?!


Our packaging is made from sustainable FSC approved biodegradable, compostable and recyclable mailing bags and the tissue paper is also made from recycled paper.


We are always looking at news ways to improve our sustainability as we are human and not perfect, this is why we work with Ecologi to also support reforestation projects across the world to help with our carbon footprint, because starting this business was a way to help the world not just take more from it.


If you do have any questions or ideas please do not hesitate to contact us we always love a chit chat. Feel free to visit our virtual version of our forest above!

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